Tools with blades and guide pads

Tools with indexable blades and guide pads

Nowadays, reaming and fine boring are the most common processes which are applied to machine accurate bores. Concerning this, Kia Cutting Tools Company products with guide pads are incomparable regarding the fine machining of bores in any work piece material.


Multiple guiding pads rigidly support the replaceable cutting blade for a perfect stability and alignment. In fact, while the tool is in operation, cutting forces are opposed by pad reaction forces in a perfect balance, providing rigid support for the blade edge. In this way, pads that are independent of the cutting blade optimize the guiding and supporting functions of the tool.

Furthermore, since the cutting blade is not integrated with the tool body, it can be micro-adjusted over a limited range and pre-set to a cut diameter that the tool will then produce with consistent accuracy. Hence, the tools in question produce bore geometry that is premier to the bore geometry produced by conventional reamers. Since then, the traditional reamers which are guided by the cutting edges, inevitably generate a lobed bore geometry and on the opposite side, the tools presented by Kia Cutting Tools produce a better hole geometry due to the mentioned rigid support of the cutting blade by the guide pads.