Tools for modern lightweight materials

Nowadays, there is a considerable tendency towards lighter products in versatile industries. Therefore, applying lightweight materials to improve the product features is becoming more and more common and widespread every day. Particularly those materials that are made of fiber material composites and multi material composites (CFRP – metal multi layer composites) are widely used in different industries such as automotive, renewable energy systems sectors.


The machining modern lightweight materials Principles:

-  During tool design the focus is on the avoidance of delamination, formation of burrs or fibre projections on the part.
-  PCD-tipped inserts or special diamond coatings on solid carbide tools provide long tool lives even with extremely abrasive materials.
-  The tools are applied for drilling, milling and reamingoperations on CFRP, GFRP, titanium, aramide, soft foam, plastics and CFRP-metal multilayer composites (stacks).

Machine concept
1Tools for modern lightweight materials
2Tools for modern lightweight materials
3Tools for modern lightweight materials