Solid carbide tools

Nowadays in modern manufacturing, costs reduction and higher productivity must still be kept even under HSC machining area and minimum lubrication or dry machining.
Concerning this, Kia Cutting Tools Company offers a wide range of solid carbide tools to cover the right solutions for different machining processes and conditions. This means that regardless of the workpiece material is cast iron, steel or difficult materials to machine such as modern materials, a tremendous number of options which is provided by the company make the selection easy and straightforward.
Aside that, applying perfectly innovative coatings on the tools improves the performance of solid carbide tools presented by Kia Cutting Tools Company.


Solid carbide drills
Replaceable head drills
Solid carbide drill reamers
Solid carbide milling cutters
1Solid carbide tools
2Solid carbide tools
3Solid carbide tools
4Solid carbide tools

Replaceable head milling cutters