Setting and measuring devices

1In regard to adjustable tools, the highly accurate setting and measurement is a key to outstanding surface finishes. The consequences of tools that are not set optimally are:

- Loss of process reliability
– Unnecessary downtimes
– Risk of collision
– Tool life reduction
– On multi-bladed tools the blades are used in different ways
– Time-consuming corrections

Therefore due to this, Kia Cutting Tools Company has introduced different types of developed setting fixtures which are designed based on mechanical and electronic elements. Concerning the devices, the perfect design and combination of mechanical and non-mechanical parts leads to a distinctive and one-of-a-kind precision.

Considerable qualities and features of the setting systems suggested by KiaCuttingTools Company:

– Resilient to vibration and oscillations due to fixed portal construction
– The fixtures are suitable for both the measuring room and right beside the machine
– High stiffness, resilience to oscillations and vibration even with changing loads
– Optimal material design in relation to the ambient thermal effects
– Manufacture of the individual parts in-house
– Stability due to large guide cross-sections