Precision gun boring tools

Precision gun boring tools

The extensive experience provided by Kiacuttingtools specialists is clearly demonstrated in precision gun boring tools in the quality of the tools. The design of the tools, which is perfectly adapted for the application in question, increases productivity and production reliability.The high requirements for balance and the guaranteed concentricity of the blades produced are all factors which are perfectly met by these tools. The quality of the precision ground PCD blade is the absolute maxi-mum. 100,000 bores are not unusual. Maximum care in production guarantees total efficiency both from the new tool and even when this has been reconditioned.


1PKD_spanbrecher_01Getting to grips with the chip

Laser eroded chip breakers allow optimum clearance from the working area of material which has been removed. This means that stoppages in ongoing production caused by chip jams are avoided.

2modul_01Modular – the solution

To achieve the required concentricity on the spindle, modular tool holder systems are used. Axial and radial adjustment facilities allow the required concentricity to be obtained, in particular on machines with ISO spindles.

3PKD_praezision_02The blade –precision in detail

Production tolerances of 3 µm for tool diameters, multiple blades and back taper allow demands on the blade to be anticipated. The result is reflected in every bore.


The highest priority for rough boring with PCD tools is the multiple cutting function of the tool. The run-out error measured for the tool on the machine spindle should not exceed 5 µm. For critical bores or fits this should only be a maximum of 3 µm. To monitor this criterion concentricity check points are located on the tool right next to the blades. Here the user can have a direct influence on the tool’s concentricity. The accuracy of the cutting track for the blades can be improved by means of axial and radial adjustment screws, for example on modular tool holders, or simply by turning the tool in the hydraulic chuck.