Face milling systems

KiaCuttingTools Company meets a major market demand for modern machining processes by PCD face milling cutting tools provision. Especial qualities which this type of tools benefits from introduce the tools as prominent products.


The tool ingredient number that is reduced to the most minimum causes the PCD tools so simple and easy to handle and consequently this plain structure which is coupled with a quality to change and adjust milling cartridges with the least time, energy and cost makes PCD face milling tools classic in the field. Since the lubricant flow is directly conducted to the machining spot in the mentioned straightforward structure, the minimal lubrication which brings about many privileges for the tool is achieved.
The milling blades and cartridges are designed to be set axially in an accurate way and therefore, perfect surface finish is accessible through the PCD tools. Furthermore, the versatile number of teeth allows the best possible tool to be selected so that the maximum economy can be achieved in the process.
KiaCuttingTools Company presents three series of face milling heads; Power mill series, Eco Mill series and HP; which are designed to meet the growing and diverse market demands.