End milling cutters

Even though, milling blades which are often applied are made of carbide, in some especial applications’ conditions, PCD milling tools keep their appealing aspects particularly in case of milling some kinds of highly abrasive materials which cause wear and deformation on carbide blades. Therefore, the time and costs which are required to change the deformed carbide tool is reduced by applying PCD milling tools.

KiaCuttingTools Company has introduced several PCD end milling tools along with a wide range of designs for different machining conditions. The especial spiral arrangement is applied in designing has led to a higher chip flow particularly in rough milling processes.


Considering the end milling tools series, the angle between PCD blades and the holder axis can be generally in three various statuses; positive, negative and neutral. The selection between the wide range of end milling tools offered by KiaCuttingTools Company, the mentioned angle can bear one of the three pointed out states.


Most of the tools have a blade up to the tool centre which means that these tools can be applied in case of face drilling too.