PCD tools

Kia Cutting Tools Company provides a wide range of tools that are made of Polly crystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) and Polly crystalline diamond (PCD) which are called Ultra hard tool materials since they own a high wear resistance. CBN’s are used in machining steels and cast iron applications and causes the cutting speed and tool life to improve. However, the primary applications of PCD are high-speed aluminum-silicon alloys, composites, and other non-ferrous work pieces machining.


PCD and PCBN inserts are integrated with a carbide substrate by means of powder metallurgy manufacturing. This bonding is processed in especial conditions with a temperature of and pressure and consequently, this causes a perfect cohesion between two layers. Fundamentally, this process is carried out since a reliable brazing bonding between the insert and the carrier can guarantee a long-term consumption. Apart from that, the carbide substrate gives the cutting tool material a better strength compared to a pure PCD and PCBN blade.


Over the past years, Kia Cutting Tools Company has earned a valuable experience over the selection of PCD and PCBN tools in turning, milling and reaming operations particularly in case of especial operations. This makes it easier for our customers to choose the best tool for their considered machining process.