Indexable blades


In Regard to Kia Cutting Tools for precision machining bores, reamer and fine boring tools, a prominent performance has been achieved which is due to the applying especial stabilizing and balancing equipments along with the tools materials, coatings, geometry and grinding quality.

In case of Indexable blades, some especial grooves are designed and applied on the blade surface guaranteeing a positive connection between the blade and the clamping plate which leads in a long tool life. Aside that, Kia Cutting Tools has presented an especial design on the blades which is named F Chamfer. This design includes a chamfer on the blade cutting edge which together with clamping system helps the tool achieve a balanced condition and longer life. Moreover, the existence of chamfer results in prevention from initial wear and the loss in dimensions. This feature is particularly considerable in high speed machining or unfavorable length and diameter circumstances.

The limited bore space causes the chip removing to become principal. Furthermore, considering the issues such as speed machining or minimal lubrication intensifies the significance of chip removing more and more. So, our latest production technology for the blades provides a perfect chip forming and chip braking.

In comparison to conventional blades, the face of indexable blades offered by Kia Cutting Tools, is highly polished to reduce friction between the chip and the blade, which in turn reduces the tendency toward edge build-up. The blade has a very sharp edges and the cutting geometry diminishes chip thickness. These blades design advantages along with the rigid support provided to the blade by the guide pads, enable the user to achieve excellent surface finishes.


There is broad range of materials such as Carbide, Cermet, PCD and PcBN which the blades are made of. The selection of blade material is carried out based on the work piece material and the machining conditions.