Kia Cutting Tools company managed to make its way through Iran market in an outstanding way. Kia Cutting Tools Company has focused on providing the best qualified cutting tools which are applied in automotive industry. The performance of the tools and services has caused a considerable reputation for this company among the customers.


The offered cutting tools by Kia Cutting Tools Company to customers mostly are aimed at powertrain and chassis parts in automotive field. Regarding this, there is a tremendous number of machining projects which the company has encountered and involved in. In the following, a wide range of machined work pieces in these projects can be found:

– Cylinder Head & Block   
– Hydraulic Brake and Clutch System
– Crankshaft 
– Hydraulic Gear Pumps for Automobile
– Steering Housing
– Starter Bracket
– Connecting Rod
– Suspension Arm
– Gear Box
– Manifold & amp Rocker Arm
– Camshafts
– Bearing Cap
– Axle
– Kunckle
– Piston
– Brake Parts
– Gear Fork
– Dynamo Housing