Helix milling cutter

Helix Milling Cutters

When it comes to make a high-sized bore in the work piece, KiaCuttingTools Company suggests Helix Milling Cutters. Indeed, the especial arrangement of inserts on the tool head causes a perfectly finished hole to be machined in a vibration less way. Besides that, the designed helical shape stimulates the chips to come out of the machining spot straightaway.


As it’s understandable from the name ‘helix’, the cutter is equipped with a helical design to smoothen the machining process and highten up the material remove rate. Aside that, there is no contact angle in this tools type since the bore walls must be machined without any slope.

Compared to the circular milling tool which moves in two feed directions, the helix milling tool moves in three feed directions simultaneously. Consequently, the pointed out combined movements along with a rotation bring about major some benefits over circular milling process including;
–                   Better circularity and concentricity
–                   Constant entry angle into the work piece
–                   Continuous engagement of work piece and the tool
–                   Better results in case of sensitive applications to vibrations


*The P (pitch) is regarding to the axial material removal rate per revolution.